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Your Data & Claydon FC

Under GDPR rules we must disclose what we might do with any data we collect from you and also how it is stored. We do not collect any cookies with this web site for use by the club and the only data we do collect from you is your application for registration to a Claydon FC team.

The registration form is kept in the cloud in a secure environment which can only be accessed by club managers and is only used by us for emergency contact information should a player become injured and it be necessary to contact a parent or carer.

In addition to this we will use your email address to include you in the club email newsletter that we sent out over the year. Within this newsletter is a link to remove yourself if you do not wish to continue to receive them.

Finally, once a season is completed we will remove your registration information from the cloud storage and it will then be unavailable for use by the club. A new registration form will need to be completed for the following season.

You can also ask the club to send you all information we store on you, this can be done by sending an email to Typically we will return this information to you within 7 working days.

For more information on GDPR please see :

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